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Interim Warehouse Funding

Apply for warehouse funding from CSC Capital Corp., located in Richardson, Texas. We provide a simple, interim warehouse source of funds for modular, manufactured, and site-built homes.

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Lender Requirements

The following items are needed when seeking approval for a warehouse line of credit. All of these items can be emailed to us in a PDF format. Items include:

• Company Overview & Profile, Size, History, &
  Monthly & Annual Loan Volume
• Last Two Years of HUD Audit & YTD Corporate
• Resumes on All Principals
• Current Personal Financial Statements & Credit
  Reports (on Principals)

• Two Years of Corporate (Partnership) Tax Returns
• Last Three Months of QC Reports &
  Management Responses
• Articles of Incorporation or Partnership Agreement
• Copy (List) of State Licenses
• List of References & Current Warehouse Banks
• Two Years of Tax Returns on Principals

Contact us to apply for warehouse funding from our company.